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We’ve had a relationship with Bancography for more than 15 years. We’ve found their Customer Satisfaction and Brand Evaluator research to be invaluable in helping us determine just how our customers feel about our service, and how our brand stacks up against other financial organizations in our markets. We’ve received good news to celebrate, and other times our eyes were opened to much needed improvements. This has been especially important as we moved into new markets. We’re also big fans of their Bancography Plan software. So much information at your fingertips. Great for market expansion, branch planning and helping us better understand market demographics and competitor landscape.

Kathleen Campbell, SVP, Director of Marketing at First Citizens Community Bank

I have extensively used the Bancography Plan software for over a decade. The insights provided by software has been instrumental in formulating our branch expansion strategies into new markets as well as identifying infills in our existing markets. Bancography has proven to be an extremely trustworthy and valued partner, who provides unparalleled market insights that lead to optimal branching decisions.

Jason Hicks, VP, Members 1st FCU

I have had the privilege of working with Bancography for nearly 20 years, both utilizing their Brand Evaluator program and various market opportunity and branch planning research projects. Bancography has consistently delivered exceptional service, and their Brand Evaluator blind awareness study has proven to be incredibly valuable in measuring not only brand awareness, but identifying our competitive opportunity in the market. By leveraging their marketing research, we have gained profound insights into our brand’s performance, enabling us to make data-driven decisions that have significantly contributed to our bank’s success over the years.  Their team’s extensive financial industry expertise adds value beyond the contracted project, helping us understand best practices and adherence to benchmarks in order to refine our marketing strategies, strengthen our brand presence, and ultimately enhance our market position.

I highly recommend Bancography’s marketing research and expertise to any financial institution seeking to gain a competitive edge in the market. With Bancography, you can trust that you are partnering with a company that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and drive success.

Laura H. Pomerene, CFMP, SVP Director of Product Management, First National Bank and Trust

For more than a decade, 1st Source has trusted Bancography as a valued partner in our strategic decision-making processes. While Bancography certainly excels in providing comprehensive insights into deposit market share, our collaboration primarily revolves around leveraging their expertise to analyze markets for de novo banking center initiatives or expansions.

What sets Bancography apart is their commitment to accuracy and accessibility. The data they furnish is not only precise but also presented in a format that is easy to comprehend and consistently reliable. This accessibility allows us to delve deep into market dynamics and make informed projections that instill confidence within our bank management.

In our journey with Bancography, we’ve found more than just a service provider; we’ve discovered a reliable ally who shares our commitment to excellence and accuracy. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping our growth strategies and ensuring our continued progress in an ever-evolving financial landscape. We look forward to our partnership with Bancography as we navigate the ever-changing future of banking.

Larry Bauer, VP, 1st Source Bank

Rhinebeck Bank has partnered with Bancography for many years. In addition to assisting with a branch site identification study, we’ve utilized their marketing research expertise through the implementation of four quarterly surveys. Prior to collaborating with Bancography, we relied on anecdotal feedback that didn’t offer actionable insights. Since implementing their marketing research program, we’ve gained significant clarity on our strengths and areas needing improvement. This has become a powerful tool for decision-making, product development, and employee training.

Kimberly and her team at Bancography offer more than just robust reporting – they provide invaluable feedback and guidance. Whenever we’ve sought additional reporting to delve deeper into our results, Bancography has consistently delivered. Working with Bancography feels like a genuine partnership, setting them apart from other vendors. I wholeheartedly recommend Bancography to any financial institution seeking to better understand their customers’ perspective and make informed, customer-centric decisions.

Mark Malone, Chief Retail Officer, Rhinebeck Bank

We’ve been a Bancography client for more than 12 years, leveraging both their exceptional consulting services and state-of-the-art software. During this time, they’ve provided us with three comprehensive market studies that have guided our expansion efforts. And subscribing to their Bancography Plan model has enabled us to create reliable performance projections for branch sites. The quality of their counsel has been superb, as has their responsiveness and service level.

Michael Calcote, Chief Financial Officer, Elevations Credit Union