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Sales Performance Program: Sales Goals and Reporting Toolkit

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Building a sales culture requires measurement systems to accurately track sales performance. A sales performance program includes a definition of the key drivers of branch sales performance and a reporting tool, or scorecard, to measure performance across those drivers. An effective scorecard reinforces sales training efforts and rewards outstanding performance. However, to maximize branch productivity, an incentive system must also include market-based sales goals that treat each branch consistently and equitably. Bancography designs custom sales performance programs that assist institutions in developing strong branch staffs and retaining top employees.

Bancography's Sales Performance Program includes two components:

  1. Branch Sales Goals based on market demographic and competitive environment to define performance expectations
  2. Sales Reporting Toolkit, an automated scorecard application to track performance against those goals
Institutions may choose one or both tracks, as each are priced individually. View our brochure for more information about the process.

Branch Sales Goals: $3,600 for up to 10 branches; $160 each additional branch
Sales Reporting Toolkit (branch scorecard application): Contact Bancography for pricing

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