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In a period of declining margins, slower deposit growth, and increased competition, it is critical for financial institutions to understand the profitability of both their products and their customers. In support of these needs, Bancography offers Profitability Monitor, a reporting tool that measures product and household profitability and produces attractive, easy to read graphs and reports.

Profitability Monitor helps you manage product pricing, build cross-sell and retention strategies, and understand which customers and products contribute the majority of your institution's income and which destroy value. Profitability Monitor reads files from your MCIF or core processing system and produces better, clearer reports.

$4,800 per set of reports
[Note: The above pricing applies to financial institutions only. Consulting firms, trade organizations, and all others - please contact Bancography for pricing.]

Click here to view sample Profitability Reports (PDF):
  -  Product Income Statement
  -  Average Profit by Product
  -  Cross-sell by Decile
  -  Profit Detail by Product
  -  Profit Penetration by Service
  -  Top Households
  -  Top Households by Profit with Account Detail
  -  Household Profit by Decile

Review List of all Profitability Monitor Reports

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