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Bancography Launches New Bancography Plan Functions
– Merger analysis and enhanced demographics added to software’s robust suite of market evaluation tools –

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (July 9, 2024) – Bancography, a financial services consulting firm, today announced new features and updated models to Bancography Plan, a market analysis and branch planning software that empowers bankers to forecast profitability for new branch locations and evaluate the performance of existing branches.

Now, Bancography Plan allows financial institutions to evaluate potential merger candidates, recommending which branches to keep or close and the corresponding financial implications for those decisions – including forecasted runoff at the closed branch, based on distance to surviving branch and surrounding density. It displays full pro forma financial impact, before and after branch closures, and warns if the transaction is dilutive. Bancography Plan also shows efficiency ratio and return on assets under various assumptions of non-branch cost reductions, which are important indicators of merger viability.

In addition to the merger piece, Bancography has enhanced its demographic offering with county-level demographics, allowing users to compare a new branch site’s demographics in relation to county averages/medians. For example, determining whether the trade area around the proposed site shows a higher income than the county overall (or vice versa); or what percentage of the county’s households reside in the trade area under consideration.

Larry Bauer, Vice President, 1st Source Bank, said, “What sets Bancography apart is their commitment to accuracy and accessibility. The data is not only precise, but also presented in a format that is easy to comprehend and consistently reliable. This accessibility allows us to delve deep into market dynamics and make informed projections that instill confidence within our bank management.”

Steve Reider, President of Bancography, said, “Our priority is providing the most accurate and up-to-date demographic statistics, competitive data and product demand estimates so banks and credit unions can best understand their branching decisions in their target markets. New branches – and mergers – require a significant capital commitment, and thus warrant a complete analysis prior to deployment. We’re excited about the updates to Bancography Plan that are providing new tools in an intuitive platform.”

Bancography provides branch location strategy, branch strategic planning, and branch expansion strategy for banks and credit unions.

To view an overview of the new features, click here.