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2020 Archived News

Speaking Engagements and Publications

Steve Reider participated in the American Bankers Association's Unconventional Convention as a moderator for the session "The Great Branch Strategy Debate."
Three banker panelists will discuss the following topics:
  • How are banks looking at their branch strategy as a piece of the customer experience moving forward?
  • Has that impacted how banks'measure branch profitability?
  • What has COVID 19 taught banks about the impact of branches on servicing customers both now and in the future?
  • What actions will we see in the industry moving forward as it relates to branches?
For more information, visit the ABA's Unconvential Convention web site.

Steve Reider joined CUES Podcast's 100th episode, where he discussed when credit unions might reopen fully, along with the larger implications of the pandemic on the financial services industry. To listen to the podcast, visit the CUES website.

For the 18th consecutive year, Steve Reider taught a course in "Branch Network Optimization" at the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 4 - 11. This year the class was held virtually. For more information, visit the ABA Stonier School's web site.


In our April session of Bancography Briefings, we presented The Role of the Branch Network In and After the Pandemic.

Every year Bancography publishes an Outlook for the financial services industry, examining deposit, demographic and economic trends across the U.S. This year, as we were preparing to publish the 2020 iteration of our Outlook, the COVID-19 crisis arose, upending all projections for the U.S. economy, including the banking sector. Thus, the 2020 Outlook discusses the industry's recent performance, but also poses some hypotheses as to what the future holds and how bankers can prepare. Download Outlook 2020: Industry Trends and the Challenges Ahead.

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