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2013 Archived News


In our September session of Bancography Briefings, we discussed The Branch of Next Week: The Immediate Impact of Current Trends in Branch Design and Technology.

Bancography has enhanced its Branch Staffing Review with several new features, including the incorporation of a universal agent FTE modeling function and benchmark for universal agent utilization; and improved automation and reporting in the database tool. Click here for more information on Bancography's Branch Staffing Review.

Click here to download "Outlook 2013: Deposit and Demographic Trends," a review of deposit growth and demographic trends for large and mid-sized U.S. markets. The document examines the latest FDIC, NCUA and demographic statistics and provides comparative data on deposit growth, income growth, branching activity and other measures.

In our March Bancography Briefings session, we presented the findings from our 2013 Outlook.

Speaking Engagements and Publications

Steve Reider moderated a panel on "Optimizing Staffing for Sales in the Branch" at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference on November 5 in Denver.

Kimberly Clay presented "Superior Service Quality Transforms Customers into Brand Champions" at the ABA Marketing Conference on September 23 in San Antonio.

Steve Reider contributed to the Atlanta Journal Constitution article "Bank branch networks likely to change, with technology" on July 6. Read the article here.

Jamie Eads contributed to the American Banker June 12 article "Reinventing the Branch Employee: A How-To Guide."

For the 11th consecutive year, Steve Reider taught a course in "Branch Network Optimization" at the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 6 - 13 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Jamie Eads, Bancography's senior project manager, contributed to the American Banker February 28 article "Small Banks Tinkering with Staffing Models to Cut Costs."

Business Alabama featured Bancography in its January issue. Read the article here.


Bancography exhibited at the following conferences in 2013:

  • Financial Supermarkets, Inc. National In-Store Banking Conference
    April 16 - 18, Chandler, Arizona
  • ABA Marketing Conference
    September 22 - 24, San Antonio
    Booth 318
  • BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo
    November 5 - 7, Denver
    Booth 4055

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