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2010 Archived News


For our October Bancography Briefings session: The Bankers' View we presented a brief overview of the demographic and economic trends that will affect branching plans in 2011. We then hosted a moderated panel discussion where bank and credit union executives discussed their institution's actual branching plans, strategies and implementation tactics.

Bancography released its 2010 Bancography Brand Value Index, which ranks the most powerful financial institution brands among all U.S. banks and credit unions.

Bancography updated Bancography Plan with demographics, as of June 2010. To test drive Bancography Plan, click here or call (205) 252-6671.

Bancography launched a new video demonstration of our Bancography Plan market analysis and branch planning software. In a little more than five minutes learn how Bancography Plan can help you locate your next branch and evaulate your existing markets. View Bancography Plan video demonstration.

During our June Bancography Briefings online series, Bancography discussed Capitalizing on Bank Failures. With almost 800 banks still on the FDIC's troubled institution list, the raft of failed banks is certain to continue. For healthy institutions, this spells opportunity, and not just for the acquirers of the failed banks. Both banks and credit unions can capitalize on failed banks, if not through outright purchases to expand their networks, then through targeted marketing and employee recruiting campaigns and purchases of surplus branches. Contact Laura Levie at 205.252.6671 or via email if you would like to view the presentation slides.

Bancography presented Evaluating Branch Closure Decisions: A Tactical Guide during our March Bancography Briefings session. As the continued economic slowdown keeps pressure on earnings, more institutions are considering branch closures. However, ill-conceived closures can cause more harm than benefit, as attrition, reputation loss and one-time costs can erode any savings. This briefing explored the tactics required to evaluate closures. Contact Laura Levie at 205.252.6671 or via email if you would like to view the presentation slides.

John Mathes, Bancography's brand strategist, was interviewed by The Financial Brand for his work on Mainstreet Credit Union's brand development. Read the interview to learn about the credit union's brand positioning, new name and advertising campaign.

Speaking Engagements

Kimberly Clay will present two sessions at the Community Bankers Association of Alabama's (CBAA) Bank Operations and Management Summit on October 19, 2010:

  • Quantifying Your Brand Strength
  • Customer Retention: On Your Mark, Get Set, Survey!

Steve Reider led a course in "Branch Network Optimization" at the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 12 - 18 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. This represents the eighth year Steve has participated at Stonier. For more information, visit the ABA's web site at

Steve Reider presented "Trends in Retail Banking" during Jack Henry's Strategic Initiatives Symposium in Dallas on May 12.


The Credit Union Magazine interviewed John Mathes, Bancography's brand strategist, for its August 2010 article "Tools of the Trade: Stay in Front of Members," which features how database marketing and branding raise credit unions above the marketing clutter. John discusses the difference between brand identity and branch positioning and explains how credit unions should execute their brand principles.

Jamie Eads, Bancography's senior project manager, contributed to the American Banker August 25, 2010 article "A Debate Reopens as More Branches Close." Jamie argues that branching will continue, despite the recent flurry of branch closings.


Bancography exhibited at the following conferences in 2010:
  • Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing & Business Development
    Council Conference

    March 21 - 24, Washington, D.C.
  • Marketing Association of Credit Unions Annual Conference
    May 26 - 28, Palm Desert
    Booth 31
  • ABA Bank Marketing Conference
    September 12 - 14, Minneapolis
    Booth 316
  • Kentucky Bankers Association Annual Convention
    September 18 - 20, French Lick, Indiana
  • BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo
    October 19 - 21, Las Vegas
    Booth 1409

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