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2009 Archived News


The 2009 FDIC and NCUA data are available in the latest release of Bancography Plan, Bancography's market analysis and branch planning software tool. The software provides both branch-level and bank-level data, as of June 2009. To test drive Bancography Plan, click here or call (205) 252-6671.

Bancography released its 2009 Bancography Brand Value Index, which ranks the most powerful financial institution brands among all U.S. banks and credit unions.

Bancography updated Bancography Plan with demographics, as of June 2009. To test drive Bancography Plan, click here or call (205) 252-6671.

To enhance our clients' experience with Bancography Plan, Bancography launched Bancography Briefings. This new online series debuted in May. We shared branching trends in the banking industry along with tips on how to effectively analyze potential branch sites with Bancography Plan. Our next session will be Tuesday, December 8 at 10:00 AM Central Time.

Bancography published its Small Business Toolkit, which contains all the research necessary for financial institutions to grow their small business line of business.

Bancography released the latest update to its Bancography Plan market analysis and branch planning software tool. The new release contains June 2008 FDIC and NCUA deposit data. Test drive the new release or call (205) 252-6671 for more information.

Speaking Engagements

Bancography presented Keep Your Branches Open! Improving Branch Efficiency to Survive the Economic Slowdown during the CUES Experience Webinar Series on Thursday, May 7 from 12:30 - 1:15 Central time.

At the Ohio Credit Union League's Zenith09 Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on April 23-24, Jamie Eads discussed How to Implement a Branch Performance Scorecard.

For the third consecutive year, Steve Reider taught Fundamentals of Retail Banking at the Barret School of Banking May 17 - 22 in Memphis.

Steve Reider led a course in "Branch Network Optimization" at the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 13 - 19 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. This represents the seventh year Steve has participated at Stonier. For more information, visit the ABA's web site at

John Mathes presented "Branding for Success (or Survival)" at the CUES Symposium 2009: A CEO/Chairman Exchange, February 1-5 at St. Kitts & Nevis.


Bancography wrote "What's in a Name? Plenty" for Click here to read the article. Comments welcome.

Lafferty Retail Banking Insider of London interviewed Jamie Eads, Bancography's Senior Project Manager, for its article "Banks Count the Cost of Pruning Branches." (PDF)

The American Bankers Association's October Community Banker article, "Make the Best of Branching," featured Steve Reider. Read the article here. (PDF)

Steve Reider contributed to the American Banker article " Oligopoly No More in Alabama After Failures" (PDF) published on August 27.

CNN Money interviewed Bancography for its article "Goodbye local bank branch" published on August 12. Read the article. is featuring Bancography's article "Small Branching Strategies" the week of June 29. Click here to read the article. Comments welcome.

Bancography wrote "Identifying Opportunities in Your Marketplace" (PDF) for Callahan & Associates 2009 Technology Guide.

Steve Reider contributed to the "Analyzing Branches" (PDF) section of the Credit Union Journal article "Second Half 2009 Forecast."

In response to an American Banker column: "Branch Reductions Necessary But Not Simple," Steve Reider and Tim Ryan wrote "Don't Shut the Branch; Change Its Model." (PDF)

Steve Reider wrote an op-ed piece for the Birmingham News: "Lending Not Out, Just Down in Some Sectors." (PDF)

In its March/April issue of mbaBanking, the Michigan Bankers Association published "Brand Bytes," written by John Mathes. Read the article here (PDF).

John also wrote the "Tag Lines That Stick" article for the December issue of the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing magazine. The article discusses the importance of translating your brand positioning into a relevant and differentiating brand expression (tag line). Click here to read the article (PDF).


Bancography exhibited at the following conferences in 2009:

  • Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing & Business Development
    Council Conference

    March 11 - 14, San Diego
  • Credit Union Retail Delivery Convention
    June 10 - 12, Las Vegas
  • ABA Bank Marketing Conference,
    September 13 - 15, San Antonio
    Booth 207
  • BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo
    November 4 - 6, Boston
    Booth 1047

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