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2008 Archived News

Message from Bancography's president on the state of the industry


Bancography published its Small Business Toolkit, which contains all the research necessary to grow the small business line of business.

Bancography has released the latest update to its Bancography Plan market analysis and branch planning software tool. The new release contains updated 2008 demographics and several new features. Users can compare their branch performance to market potential; find overlaps in their own networks; and analyze prospective mergers by measuring overlaps with other banks' networks. The new release also includes bank-level financial data to complement the branch-level deposit statistics. To test drive the new release, click here or call (205) 252-6671.

Bancography participated in the National Community Investment Fund's (NCIF) Annual Development Banking Conference November 6 - 7 in Chicago. NCIF's mission is to increase the number and capacity of community development banking institutions that are both effective agents of local community development in distressed markets and sound financial institutions. For more information, visit the NCIF web site at

Bancography published its Onboarding White Paper, which explores why consumers selected their primary financial institution, examines the account-opening process and analyzes the consequences of a poor onboarding process on loyalty and attrition.

Bancography released its 2008 Bancography Brand Value Index, which ranks the most powerful financial institution brands among all U.S. banks and credit unions.

Bancography now offers the Branch Staffing Review, which examines historic transaction levels and market growth projections and recommends the appropriate staff configuration for each branch. Click here for more information or call (205) 254-3255.

Bancography has updated its Sales Performance Program to assist financial institutions with developing strong staffs and retaining top employees. Click here for more information or call (205) 254-3255.

Bancography is excited to announce the addition of Brand Strategy to our slate of consulting services. Leading Bancography's branding discipline is John M. Mathes, a 30-year marketing veteran with an extensive background in financial services branding. John is an award-winning strategist, author and industry speaker who for the last several years has crafted brands, brand strategies and brand positionings for community banks and credit unions.

Bancography recently added a new function to its Bancography Plan software. The find target markets feature allows users to evaluate a submarket without entering an address or intersection, a capability previously unavailable in Bancography Plan. Users now have the ability to pinpoint submarkets that meet their specified demographic targets. For more information, contact us at (205) 252-6671 or

Speaking Engagements

John Mathes presented "Branding for Success (or Survival)" at the CUES Symposium 2009: A CEO/Chairman Exchange, February 1-5 at St. Kitts & Nevis.

Steve Reider taught a course in "Branch Network Optimization" at the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 14 - 18 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. For more information, visit the ABA's web site at

Steve Reider taught "Fundamentals of Retail Banking" at the Barret School of Banking May 18 - 23 in Memphis.

Bancography led the Community Bankers Association of Illinois' Branching Seminar on May 6 in Springfield, Illinois. Presentation topics included how to forecast new branches, market-level network planning, closure analysis, new- and existing- branch financial measurement and site location and branch configuration.

Steve Reider presented at the Global Concepts Branch Strategy Forum in Lake Las Vegas January 31 - February 1. The Branch Strategy Forum provides a venue for senior bank managers, solution providers and industry experts to discuss strategic issues related to branch banking. For more information, visit the Global Concepts web site at


John Mathes, Bancography's director of brand services, wrote the "Tag Lines That Stick" article for the December issue of the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing magazine. The article discusses the importance of translating your brand positioning into a relevant and differentiating brand expression (tag line). Click here to read the article (PDF, 3 MB).

Steven Reider contributed to the Newsweek article "Is Your Money Safe?" The article addresses how banks are rebranding their images to assure customers and lure new depositors. Click here to read the article (PDF, 24 KB).

Community Banker magazine (American Bankers Association) interviewed Kimberly Clay for the article "Keeping New Customers On Board: What to do - and not do - to cement new clients' loyalty to your bank." You may read this article in the November issue of Community Banker.

Bancography contributed to American Banker's Brand Value Survey article featured in the October Retail Delivery special section. Click here to read the article (PDF, 130 KB).

Credit Union Journal featured the Bancography Brand Value Index in two articles in its September 8 issue:

  • "Brand Rankings Find Top CUs Have One Thing In Common: They Stay True To Values"
  • "Credit Unions Offer Strategies For Branding"
Click here to read the articles (PDF, 91 KB).

John Mathes, Bancography's director of brand strategy, contributed to the "What's In a Name?" article that will appear in an upcoming issue of Credit Union Magazine. The article discusses how non-traditional job titles reflect credit unions' evolving priorities and increasingly innovative outlook.

Steve Reider wrote the article "Scoring Branch Performance" in the May issue of American Bankers Association's Bank Marketing magazine. Read the article here (PDF, 333 KB).

John Mathes, Bancography's director of brand services, contributed to the "Avoid an Identity Crisis" article in the March issue of the American Bankers Association Community Banker magazine.


Bancography will exhibit at the following conferences in 2008:
  • Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Governmental Affairs Conference
    March 2 - 5, Washington, D.C.
    Booth 243
  • Credit Union Executives Society CUES Experience Conference
    May 14 - 16, Minneapolis
    Booth 407
  • Credit Union Retail Delivery Convention, June 11 - 13, Chicago
  • Kentucky Bankers Association Annual Convention, August 23 - 25, Louisville
  • ABA Bank Marketing Conference, September 14 - 16, Denver
    Booth 408
  • BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo, November 18 - 20, Orlando
    Booth 2056

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