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2006 Archived News

Bancography exhibited at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo in Las Vegas,
November 14 - 17.

Steven Reider presented "The Branching Boom: Keeping Pace Without Going Broke" at the Community Bankers Association of Illinois Annual Convention in Indianapolis,
September 14 - 16.

Bancography was featured in the October issue of American Bankers Association Marketing Magazine. Steven Reider participated in the Q&A Section, where he discussed trends in branch expansion, including why banks in metropolitan areas are having difficulty acquiring prime location for new branches and what new features banks are adding to the new, smaller-footprint branches.

Bancography recently released the White Paper: Small Business: Needs versus Reality, which examines the identity, financial requirements and banking preferences of this profitable and often-loyal business segment. It also offers suggestions and tactics the financial-services industry should pursue to best serve small businesses.

Bancography exhibited at the Kentucky Bankers Association Annual Convention in Louisville, September 9 - 11 and the American Bankers Association Marketing Conference in Chicago, September 10 -12.

Bancography introduces the capability to test drive Bancography Plan online. Don't want to wait for the demo disk to arrive? Click here to find out how to access this new tool.

Attrition Benchmarks: Retail and Business, Bancography's syndicated research study, is now available. This benchmark study examines the reasons behind retail and business attrition and presents strategic recommendations for mitigating attrition that is within the institution's control.

Credit Union Management Magazine featured Bancography and two of its clients in the May 2006 article: "Mapping It Out," which focuses on ways to pinpoint profitable branch locations.

Bancography wrote "The Branching Boom" article for the June issue of Kentucky Banker, the official magazine of the Kentucky Bankers Association.

Steven Reider contributed to the American Banker Online article: "Minding the Branch (Not the Store) at JPM Chase." The article explores JPMorgan Chase's new branch design and the strategy behind it.

Steven Reider taught a course in "Delivery Channel Management" at the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 10 - 17 in
Washington, D.C.

Bancography exhibited at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Future Forum and the Florida Credit Union League Convention in Orlando June 12 - 16.

Kimberly Clay presented "How to Execute and Manage a Marketing Research Program" at the Arkansas Bankers Association Marketing Conference May 11 - 12, 2006.

Bancography exhibited at the SourceMedia Branch Banking Symposium in Chicago,
May 10 - 12.

Bancography exhibited at the Texas Credit Union League Annual Convention in Galveston, April 18 - 20.

Bancography contributed to the article: "Branches keep coming, but metro not over-banked, officials say" posted by the Des Moines Business Record Online. You may read the article here.

Steven Reider led the Community Bankers Association of Illinois' Branch Planning Workshop on January 24 and 25. This course addressed market-level network planning, evaluation of new branch opportunities, branch closure decisions, alternative delivery strategies and financial measurement techniques.

Steven Reider contributed to the American Banker Online article: "Marketing: Who Says We Need an Office on the Ground Floor?" The article discusses how banks targeting business customers often opt to locate on the upper floors of an office building instead of the more expensive, more visible ground floor spaces.

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