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2002 Archived News

December 2002
Findings from Bancography's Call Center Benchmark study were cited in an article in the December issue of Bank Systems and Technology magazine.  The article discusses call center functionality and the difficulty of balancing people and technology. 

July 2002
In mid-August we’ll release the latest update to Branch Planning Software, Bancography’s software tool that provides demographics, competitive data, and financial projections for any current or proposed branch location in the United States. The update will include 2002 actual / 2007 projected demographics. It also adds a new feature to forecast business deposits and loans in addition to consumer balances.

June 2002
Bancography released Branch Network Management Software, its newest software product, in June 2002. Branch Network Management Software is a centralized databank of branch information. It allows a bank to store photographs and other branch information in a central database. Ideal for contact centers, branch administration, and properties departments, Branch Network Management Software can house: branch hours; maps; photographs; market demographics; floor plans; and other data that would otherwise reside in multiple disjointed locations.

Bancography was featured in an article on measuring and managing retention in the ABA Marketing Journal’s June 2002 issue. The article quoted statistics from Bancography’s Market Awareness and Competitive Research study, and discussed our methods of calculating retention, cross-sell, and churn.

May 2002
For the second year, Bancography will exhibit at the American Bankers Association’s Marketing Conference. This year’s event is September 22-24 in Miami Beach, Florida. Last year's conference was a success for both Bancography and the bankers in attendance. The ABA Marketing conference offers a great opportunity to hear presentations from industry leaders. We look forward to the conference and strongly suggest your attendance as well! Visit us in the exhibit hall at Booth #408.

Bancography is pleased to announce its alliance with Financial Supermarkets Inc. (FSI). Since 1984, FSI has been the pioneer of in-store banking. FSI works with retailers and financial institutions to develop in-store banking programs, traditional and private label, that include designing, constructing, and installing in-store financial centers. FSI continues to support its clients by providing executive planning and marketing support to its clients.

April 2002
Thank you to the American Bankers Association for hosting the recent Financial Services Customer and Contact Center conferences in St. Petersburg. And thanks to everyone who attended Bancography’s presentations and visited our booth. Attendees learned about findings from Bancography’s Web Site and Call Center Benchmark studies and from our Market Awareness and Competitive Research study. Common topics of conversation among the bankers in attendance included how to introduce wealth management products to the retail client base; how to combat attrition; the benefits and drawbacks of free checking; and the increasing threat from credit unions

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