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2001 Archived News

November 2001
Bancography is pleased to announce that it will be a participating exhibitor at the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Anaheim, from December 11th - 13th. Visit our booth (#127) in the exhibit hall if you missed Branch Planning Software's debut in Chicago. Plus, we'll unveil our call center benchmark survey, another best practices study, for your review. And be sure to test drive ProfitGuide, a product and household profitability measurement software tool that we'll launch just prior to the conference.

October 2001
Bancography will participate as an exhibitor at the American Bankers Association Marketing conference in Chicago, from October 14th - 17th. Visit Bancography at Booth #510 in the exhibit hall to see a demonstration of Branch Planning Software, to review our Internet Banking best practices study, or to learn more about other Bancography products and services.

August 2001
Bancography announces the release of Branch Planning Software, an innovative software tool that offers a quick, intuitive method to estimate market potential for any branch location in the United States. Branch Planning Software arose as a means to standardize the type of analysis Bancography performs in its custom branch optimization projects.

The software yields all the data needed to evaluate current and potential branch locations: a balance sheet and income statement for the proposed location, competitive profile, demographic profile, and competitor maps. This unique tool combines disparate data sources and Bancography's proprietary demand projection database to provide a consistent method for comparing branch opportunities.

Banks may license Branch Planning Software annually on a state, regional, or national basis. Annual releases will update Branch Planning Software's demographic, competitive, balance demand, and mapping data.

July 2001
On July 16th, 2001, Kimberly Clay and Steven Reider formed Bancography, a financial services consulting firm. Bancography will specialize in bank marketing software and marketing research, and will also offer advisory services in quantitative marketing, delivery systems, and product management.

  • Branch Planning Software, a unique software tool that allows banks to forecast profitability for proposed branch locations
  • A syndicated market awareness and competitive research survey that will provide affordable intelligence to banks across any metropolitan area
  • Comprehensive benchmark studies of best practices in internet banking and bank call centers
Bancography's corporate offices will occupy a renovated warehouse in the historic loft district of Birmingham, Alabama.

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