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Speaking Engagements and Publications

Every year, Bancography publishes an Outlook for the financial services industry, examining deposit, demographic, and economic trends across the U.S. In 2023, top issues include the highest interest rates in 15 years, corresponding concerns about loan demand, and – in an inversion of one of 2022’s top challenges – liquidity constraints at many banks and credit unions. To help explain the current banking environment and to prepare for the issues ahead, Bancography’s 2023 Outlook examines industry trends over the past year and provides advice to help plan for the post-pandemic era of financial services. Download Outlook 2023: Industry Trends and the Challenges Ahead

Bancography published its triennial Branch Survey, which presents four aspects of branch deployment:
the number of new branches planned; size and format; cost; staff and equipment configuration. Click here to download the survey findings.

For the 21st consecutive year, Steve Reider taught a course in “Branch Network Optimization” at the American Bankers Association’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking, June 1 -8, 2023. For more information, visit the ABA Stonier School’s website.


New Bancography Plan feature!

On the Residential Demographics screen of Branch Planning, you’ll now see employment sector statistics. These statistics differ from the employment counts on the ‘commercial’ tab of this screen.

The employment counts on the ‘commercial’ tab show the number of employees who work at the businesses in that trade area, by industry type, irrespective of whether those employees live in the defined trade area.  Rather, these statistics show how many people are arriving to work in the businesses in the trade area each day.

In contrast, the new employment-sector counts on the ‘residential’ tab detail the economic sectors where the residents of the trade area work, irrespective of whether those workplaces are within the trade area or elsewhere.  This may be especially useful for credit unions with fields of membership focusing on a specific sector, such as educators or military members; or for any institution seeking to target, for example, white-collar versus blue-collar market areas in branching or marketing efforts.

In sum, if you wish to understand the employment traits of the people who live in a specific area, you’ll want to examine the employment counts on the ‘residential’ tab.  If you wish to understand how many workers are employed at the businesses in that same area, you’ll want to examine the employee counts on the ‘commercial’ tab.

Conferences and Sponsorships

Bancography will exhibit at the American Banker’s Association Bank Marketing Conference in Austin September 27-29. For more information visit ABA’s conference website.

Bancography is a sponsor for FSI’s (Financial Supermarkets, Inc.) National In-Store Banking Conference and the Ole Miss Banking Symposium.

Bancography sponsors local community organizations Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham Artwalk, Sloss Furnaces Foundation and the American Heart Foundation’s Go Red for Women Luncheon.