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New Account Customer Experience

With so much focus on acquisition and cross-sell, service quality suffers, setting the stage for attrition. Bancography has conducted various types of research over the past 15 years, uncovering a slow but steady rise in dissatisfaction that begins with the new account opening process. Almost 18% of consumer household attrition resulted from a problem or error that occurred during this process.

A successful new account opening experience is the foundation for the relationship and lays the groundwork for future loyalty and profitability. Bancography´┐Żs internet-based New Account Customer Experience program evaluates this most crucial part of the customer relationship. The program features just-in-time online surveying in order to reach the new account holder as soon as possible.

Bancography will build and host your own personalized portal with unique login and username. You manage your reporting parameters from branch or officer up to the institution overall. Your data can be filtered by month/quarter/year or trended. Your portal will also include detailed trends, unique identifiers positively or negatively affecting the key indicators and strategic suggestions from all NACE participating clients.

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