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New Features

We redesigned Bancography Plan’s main menu screen, categorizing the functions to facilitate ease of use and quick access. Other enhancements include increased functionality for credit unions: the ability to add their deposit history at the branch level and view institution-level data. Our Market Share Reports now display compound annual growth rates and four-year branch changes for more in-depth competitive analysis.

Coming Soon: Merger Analysis
Bancography Plan will allow financial institutions to evaluate potential merger candidates, recommending which branches to keep or close and the corresponding financial implications for those decisions.

Coming Soon: County-Level Demographics
Use demographics at the county level to compare a new branch site’s demographics in relation to county averages/medians.

Download overview of upcoming Bancography Plan updates here.

Interested in learning more about these features? Contact us for an overview of Bancography Plan today.

Current Users

You may download the latest version of Bancography Plan by clicking the Update button. Refer to the update email we sent with the logon info.  If you didn’t receive the email and/or need the logon credentials, please contact us (