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Measuring branch-level service quality is the foundation of all retail and business marketing research. Convenience of branch locations is still the overwhelmingly dominant reason for choosing the primary financial institution. Regular monitoring of the touch point where the most profitable relationships originate is critical for management to understand and improve service quality. Poor service quality not only erodes brand loyalty but also fuels attrition. Customers who close accounts as a result of inadequate service quality are extremely unlikely to ever consider using the institution again. Further, more than half of businesses that move their relationship from the institution also close their personal accounts.

Bancography’s Customer Service, Satisfaction and Loyalty program will provide your institution with targeted recommendations on how to improve the customer experience and brand loyalty, diminish attrition and increase cross sell. We will also provide industry standards and benchmarks.

While Bancography recommends gathering data via telephone interviews for sensitive and significant studies such as this, utilizing internet surveys is an option. Bancography will survey throughout the quarter and deliver reports and executive summaries the first week following the quarter’s end. Bancography’s instrument will measure six areas from retail and business customers:

  • Institutional or brand loyalty perception
  • Alternative channel usage and satisfaction
    (ATM, Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit, Remote Capture and Call Center)
  • Branch-level service quality
  • Occurrence of bank-created problems or errors
  • Share of wallet
  • Primary financial institution consideration

Bancography will build and host your own personalized portal with unique login and username. You manage your reporting parameters from the branch up to the institution overall. Your data can be filtered by quarter/year or trended. Your portal will also archive your detailed executive summaries containing industry comparisons and strategic recommendations.

Request an overview of our methods, survey and reporting module.

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