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Staffing the branch and call center appropriately are critical to productivity, service quality and efficiency. In the Retail Staffing Review, Bancography will examine transaction levels, sales demand, call volumes and other branch attributes in order to recommend the appropriate staff configuration.

Five Components of the Retail Staffing Review

  1. Evaluate current branch productivity and compare to industry benchmarks
  2. Review current job descriptions, incentive plans and branch processes for improvement opportunities
  3. Develop a customized model that recommends target staffing levels for all branch and call center positions
  4. Calculate the overall financial impact of the recommended staffing changes
  5. Draft an implementation plan for achieving the optimal staffing configuration

Benefits of the Retail Staffing Review

  • Improves service and productivity by aligning human resources with market demand
  • Scheduling tool fosters optimal use of peak-time personnel
  • Aligns branch and call center staffing approach with industry best practices
  • Applies productivity strategies equitably to all branch locations
  • Model database built specific to each institution’s benchmarks and processes. Database allows current and what-if scenarios (including cost implications) and produces management reports

Other Features

  • Universal Agent FTE modeling
  • Virtual teller, inbound call center agent and outbound call center FTE calculations

Retail Branch Pricing: $1,000 per branch (for 0-25 branches); $800 per branch (for 26-50 branches)
* institutions with larger branch networks may be eligible for discounted pricing.

Call Center Pricing: $4,500 (for centers with less than 25 agents)

For more information, contact us: (205) 254-3255 or email