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For an institution that seeks to expand within a broad area but has not identified a specific submarket, Bancography provides the Branch Site Identification. In this offering, Bancography profiles each potential submarket within the broad target area, compares the demographic, competitive, and financial implications of each, and provides prioritized recommendations for branching.

The study will not only quantify the market opportunity in each prospective submarket, but will also identify which submarkets are best aligned with the institution’s target market segments. The study will identify multiple prioritized options, since viable sites may not be available in the top-ranking submarkets. All branch recommendations will include full pro forma financial projections for the target submarkets.

Bancography provides branch location strategy, branch strategic planning, and branch expansion strategy for banks and credit unions.

If you wish to evaluate a specific site, visit our Branch Site Analysis page.

View Branch Site Identification brochure (PDF)

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