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  • Expansion opportunities, including market entry strategies for new markets and infill strategies for current markets.
  • Overlaps, consolidation, and reconfiguration opportunities, that may arise from mergers, demographic and economic shifts, or changes in strategic priorities.
  • Branches underperforming relative to market potential, i.e., the gap between a branch’s current balances and its attainable balances, given the market’s demographic and competitive environment.

Supported by rigorous demographic and financial modeling, Bancography’s process starts by learning your institution’s guiding principles and strategic objectives and yields efficient branch networks aligned with the opportunity available in each of your institution’s market areas.

Our optimization projects produce a three-to-five-year plan for branch openings and closings, and for mergers and acquisitions. Using your institution’s own financial model, the analysis produces detailed financial projections for all submarkets.

View Branch Network Optimization brochure (PDF)

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