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Bancography Plan

Market Analysis & Branch Planning Software

New branches represent a significant capital commitment, and thus warrant thorough analysis prior to deployment. Bancography Plan estimates product demand for any trade area and produces complete financial projections with institution-supplied rates and costs. By providing an objective forecast of market potential, the software allows quick analysis of current branch performance.  In addition to de novo branch strategy, Bancography Plan also provides the capability to evaluate potential merger candidates, recommending which branches to keep or close and the corresponding financial implications for those decisions.

Google Maps powers all Bancography Plan maps, providing dynamic map views and a robust allotment of mapping tools.

Bancography Plan features:

  • Competitive and demographic profiles for any trade area
  • Maps of banks and credit unions in trade area
  • Ability to plot your institution’s customers on a map
  • Pro forma financial projections for any potential site
  • Maps of entire branch networks
  • One-click deposit share reports for any county or MSA
  • Identify target areas for branching
  • Evaluate the performance of your branches, or those of your competitors
  • Market segmentation reports
  • Merger analysis

Pricing for a site license with unlimited users:

  • Single state: $6,875
  • Two states: $9,375
  • Multi-state (up to 4 states): $12,500
  • Regional (up to 10 states): $22,500
  • National: $31,250

Bancography Plan is licensed annually. License allows unlimited users at the institution. License includes annual updates of demographic and competitive statistics.

Note: The above pricing applies to financial institutions only. Consulting firms, trade organizations, and all others, please contact Bancography for pricing.

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Client testimonial:
I have extensively used the Bancography Plan software for over a decade. The insights provided by software has been instrumental in formulating our branch expansion strategies into new markets as well as identifying infills in our existing markets. Bancography has proven to be an extremely trustworthy and valued partner, who provides unparalleled market insights that lead to optimal branching decisions.

Jason Hicks, VP, Members 1st FCU