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​Bancography Key provides a holistic view of your institution’s accounts at the household level – the relevant unit for most financial product decisions – distilling account information into an essential series of reports for branch performance measurement and client management. Less expensive than a CRM application, easier to use than a traditional MCIF system, and with no complex setup or training requirements, Bancography Key distills account information into an essential series of reports for branch performance measurement and client management. 

Bancography Key provides household-level balance totals, revenue contribution, cross-sell levels, market-segment classification, and next-most-likely product recommendations; allowing you to prioritize marketing offers and recognize and reward top clients. An essential tool for improving sales and retention, Bancography Key provides a framework for cross-sell and marketing efforts, and a means for tracking the impact of those efforts at both the household and branch levels.

Household-level indicators:

  • Total deposits and loans
  • Margin contribution
  • Product count by type
  • Cross-sell ratio
  • Determinant of primary household branch
  • Market-segment assignment
  • Next-most-likely product
  • Indicator of residence in CRA or CDFI census tract

Branch-level indicators, by household branch:

  • Total household count, consumer and business
  • Deposits and loans, total and average household
  • Margin contribution, total and average household
  • Cross-sell ratio
  • % Single-account households
  • Consumer household checking penetration

Account-level indicators

  • Retention, by branch and product type (transaction deposit products)
  • New-account sales

Other features

  • Simple upload/download process
  • All reports in Excel, so you can sort and filter with ease
  • No training required

Less than 10 branches: $9,600 per year
11 – 20 branches: $14,400 per year
More than 20 branches: contact Bancography for pricing

Bancography Key is an annual license. License includes up to four updates during license year.

Contact us for more information: (205) 254-3255 or email