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Bancography provides consulting services, software tools and marketing research to financial institutions to support their branch, product and brand positioning strategies.  We offer branch planning and network optimization services in addition to Bancography Plan, our market analysis and branch planning software tool.  Bancography provides branch location strategy, branch strategic planning, and branch expansion strategy for banks and credit unions. Bancography has conducted numerous branch optimization projects across the retail, business and wealth lines of business for institutions in major U.S. markets such as Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Tampa, Boston and Houston. 

In our marketing research program, Bancography takes a more traditional approach to customer feedback and analysis than other tech-based solutions. Real people, with years of banking experience, are directly involved in every tactic used and in the interpretation of responses. This human element helps to facilitate more engaging conversations with customers, providing a deeper, more authentic understanding from customer insight engagements.

Client testimonial:
We’ve had a relationship with Bancography for more than 15 years. We’ve found their Customer Satisfaction and Brand Evaluator research to be invaluable in helping us determine just how our customers feel about our service, and how our brand stacks up against other financial organizations in our markets. We’ve received good news to celebrate, and other times our eyes were opened to much needed improvements. This has been especially
important as we moved into new markets. We’re also big fans of their Bancography Plan software. So much information at your fingertips. Great for market expansion, branch planning and helping us better understand market demographics and competitor landscape.
Kathleen Campbell, SVP, Director of Marketing at First Citizens Community Bank