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Branch Site Identification

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For an institution that seeks to expand within a broad area but has not identified a specific submarket, Bancography provides the Branch Site Identification. In this offering, Bancography profiles each potential submarket within the broad target area, compares the demographic, competitive, and financial implications of each, and provides prioritized recommendations for branching.

The Branch Site Identification includes the following items:

  • Demographic information:
      population counts, growth projections, and age distribution;
      racial composition;
      income growth and home value;
      employment counts and business counts by primary SIC code;
      thematic maps (income, growth, home value).

  • Competitive data, including five-year deposit history for all competing banks, thrifts, and credit union headquarters in the area, as well as discussion of deposit growth trends.

  • Area level and 'zoomed' maps of the proposed locations showing all competing institutions.

  • Market level thematic maps showing competitive concentrations and potential submarkets.

  • Overall market demand estimates, based on underlying demographics, for major product groups: Checking, Savings, Money Market, CDs, Equity Lines, Installment Loans.

  • Plots of existing customer households that may reveal gaps in existing coverage or that may confirm that the proposed area is already well served.

  • Complete pro forma balance sheet and income projections.

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If you would like Bancography to evaluate a specific site, click here to review our Branch Site Analysis product.

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