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Bancography Plan:
Market Analysis & Branch Planning Software

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New branches represent a significant capital commitment, and thus warrant thorough analysis prior to deployment. Demographics and competition greatly affect branch performance and new branch projections must incorporate these factors. Bancography Plan estimates product demand for any trade area and produces complete financial projections with institution-supplied rates and costs. By providing an objective forecast of market potential, the software also allows quick analysis of current branch performance.

Bancography Plan features:

  • Competitive and demographic profiles for any trade area
  • Maps of banks and credit unions in trade area
  • Ability to plot your institution's customers on a map
  • Complete pro forma financial projections - balance sheet, income statement and management ratios
  • Map the entire branch networks of up to six institutions at once
  • One-click deposit share reports for any county or MSA
  • Identify target areas for branching that meet certain demographic criteria
  • Evaluate the performance of your institution's network or competing institutions' networks
  • Print, export and e-mail reports directly from the software
  • Updated throughout year with current data

  • Enhanced business data and prospect lists
    1. full contact listing with sales volume, number of employees
    2. micro, small and middle market/large commercial segments
    3. counts by primary SIC category
    4. customized list based on your institution's marketing strategies

  • Consumer prospect lists
    1. most likely purchasers based on Bancography's product propensity model
    2. for any product (checking, savings, money market, equity lines, etc.)
    3. overall or by target market segment
    4. optional match to MCIF or account extract to exclude current customers

  • Market segmentation reports that show:
    1. number of households in each segment
    2. distribution of households across the segments in the trade area
    3. deposit and loan demand levels for each segment

Pricing for a site license with unlimited users:
  • Micro*: $3,500
  • Single state: $5,500
  • Two states: $7,500
  • Multi-state (up to 4 states): $10,000
  • Regional (up to 10 states): $18,000
  • National: $25,000

  • * A single state license for institutions with less than 20 branches.
Bancography Plan is an annual license and allows unlimited users at the institution.

Note: The above pricing applies to financial institutions only. Consulting firms, trade organizations, and all others, please contact Bancography for pricing.

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